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Wildlife Solutions


Wildlife Control in Georgia.  Serving Greene, Putnam,  Jasper & Morgan Counties and surrounding areas.

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Wildlife Solutions | Wildlife Control in Georgia

Wildlife Control in Georgia

Wildlife Solutions is a fully licensed and bonded, family owned company.  Our goal is to effectively and humanely remove and relocate all nuisance wildlife from your home or property.  With expert service and a friendly attitude, we are here to guarantee that your home is wildlife free and safe for you, your family and pets! Unwanted wildlife can spread disease, cause foul odors, destroy electrical wiring and insulation and even cause structural damage within your home.

We are one short phone call away from solving all of your wildlife nuisance problems!

Opossum Trapping
Opossum Removal
Raccoon Trapping
Raccoon Removal 
Beaver Trapping
Beaver Removal
Rodent Extermination
​​​Snake Control
Bat Removal
Squirrel Trapping
Squirrel Removal
Skunk Removal
Fox Removal
Coyote Control